Buying a Boat Privately

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Buying a boat is possibly the second largest financial outlay you are ever likely to make, so it’s important that you understand the legal aspects of any purchase. Trusting the integrity of the Seller plays a big part in your buying experience, so Burton Waters always recommend you use a broker at the very least, to ensure your purchase is a safe and secure one.  Here are the main pointers to consider, if you are contemplating buying privately:

Burton Waters Stock Boat & Brokerage Buying a Boat Privately
We guarantee title and VAT proof for all our stock boats.
We check the title on all our Brokerage boats and will advise you of any irregularities.
Are you familiar with CE marks, Bills of Sale and VAT proof, to ensure the title is correct?
We utilise British Marine Federation Contracts Has the Seller agreed to sign a Contract?  Make sure you get all the contact details of the seller and not a PO Box address.  Can you verify the contact details?
Any extras to be fitted are agreed and detailed on the Contract.  Terms of payment are confirmed. What is agreed in the sale?  Does it detail terms of payment, pre-sale repairs and who is responsible for paying for them?
We can arrange for you to trial the vessel.  You will be accompanied by one of our experienced members of staff. Will the owner allow you to trial the vessel?
We can provide a list of local surveyors Do you know a reputable surveyor?
Safe, secure bank account for transfer of funds.  You will receive written confirmation of all funds received. Do you trust where you send your money?
Upon receipt of final cleared funds, handover of vessel and title, free of finance Will the boat be there when you go to collect it?
Have you received original clear title and VAT proof?
What checks have you made to ensure the boat is free of finances of any other debts?
What warranty has the seller provided with the boat, is it more likely that you won’t get any warranty?

Is the boat stolen?

If the seller of the vessel cannot supply the original title to the vessel, it may be an indication that the boat is either mortgaged or stolen.  Check the internet for lists of boats stolen, we recommend visiting