Selling Your Boat

Sold boatWe offer a variety of options for selling your boat, including Brokerage, Part Exchange, Cash Purchase or even a Reverse Part Exchange.

We have been selling boats for 25 years.  We know what sells a boat and if necessary, will advise of works needed, in order to facilitate a quick sale.  We have been known for selling a boat off the back of a lorry, at it arrives in our yard, and sometimes before the boat arrives.  The answer to a quick sale is a clean and tidy boat at the right price.  Depending on how quick you want to sell your boat, there are 3 options for you to choose:

Brokerage Advantages Part Exchange Advantages Cash Advantages
We are members of ABYA and BMF. You won’t be without a boat.
We have a dedicated customer Client Account Completion can be in as little as 14 days. A fast and discreet service
We will inspect your vessel, photograph and prepare sales particulars on arrival Burton Waters stock boats come serviced, polished and antifouled. As soon as your title is approved, we can survey your vessel immediately
We have a data base of 10,000 potential clients, Burton Waters stock boats come with a 3-month engine warranty. Following satisfactory survey, you will receive a same day transfer, direct into your nominated bank account
Our marketing reaches more buyers, a wider audience – magazine & internet Agreed price to change, subject to your boat being in the condition it is described. We will collect your boat as soon as possible
Using a broker reduces financial & time costs, we are likely to achieve a quicker sale than independent marketing. No waiting for customers to make up their minds. No ongoing storage fees
We provide a listing agreement so all parties know the terms they work under. We can clear your outstanding finance. Puts you in a strong position to buy a new boat.
We handle all price negotiations and re-negotiations. No hassle with arranging viewings of your p/ex, no attendance required. We will clear off any outstanding finance.
We will draw up a legal industry approved Sale & Purchase contract and arrange the transfer of title. We arrange the exchange of title documents.
We will not allow the sale to proceed until holding contracts & (usually) 10% deposit. We are members of ABYA and BMF.
We can assist the purchaser with regards to survey procedures and finance requirements. No brokerage fees.
We can handle the settlement of any outstanding finance, utilising our Client account.
You are more likely to achieve your desired market price.
Brokerage Disadvantages Part Exchange Disadvantages Cash Disadvantages
Depending on the season and similar models on the market, your boat may be on the market longer than you anticipate We offer a fair price, but not a retail price. You may receive a lower than anticipated price for your vessel, as it will be a trade price.
If you are looking to purchase a new vessel, which is dependent on funds from your Brokerage sale, it will delay your search/new purchase.