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2018 Southampton Boat Show Round-up

Wednesday, 03 October 2018
2018 Southampton Boat Show Round-up



The week of the Southampton Boat Show has come to an end. It was an incredible event to attend and we hope you enjoyed all the boats and stands on display. We were on the Bavaria, Prestige, Glastron and Jeanneau stands, it was fantastic to see you all, thanks for coming to visit us! Let’s get the insight into some of the boats at this fantastic event:



Prestige 680


She features an interior design synonymous with light, space, ease of movement and importantly, privacy. With bold, timeless lines and high-quality materials, the Prestige 680 also offers some of the same technical attributes seen throughout the line.
Specifically designed for an IPS 1200 engine, the Prestige 680 offers enjoyable, comfortable cruising.

Boat Specifications:

Overall length: 70’5”
Hull length: 62’7”
Hull beam: 17’6”


Prestige 630



The Prestige 630 gives a well-balanced exterior as well as an elegant interior. It is spacious with three cabins and shower compartments. It’s built with high-tech design solutions and has the selection of an IPS 950 pod transmission which makes it impressively ahead in boating technology. 

Boat Specifications: 

Overall length: 62'5"
Hull length: 55'2"
Hull beam: 16'10"


Prestige 520



This boat is top-of-the-line with a dynamic style. It has plenty areas for ultimate relaxation. The design is made for relaxation with the L-shaped saloon and integrated storage locker. The sofas and modular cockpit bench seat allow you to customize the area for weekend entertaining on the water. 

Boat Specifications: 

Overall length: 52'10"
Hull length: 47'6"
Hull beam: 14'8"


Prestige 460 S



Full of the latest innovation from Prestige, this is a sporty boat that has done very well with the brand. It has brilliant design features inside and out. It's also adaptable to the individual needs with a sunroof and glass sliding doors. It also has a new L-shaped cockpit that can transform into a beautiful large sundeck. 

Boat Specifications: 

Overall length: 46'10"
Hull length: 41'1"
Hull beam: 13'11"


Jeanneau NC 33



This boat comprises of a powerful combination of the favourite characteristics of the NC range with the latest in boating technology. The interior is created with the concept of an easy and enjoyable time on board with no steps. The exterior is very open but still secure. 

Boat Specifications: 

Length overall: 34'5"
Hull length: 28'10"
Hull beam: 10'10"
Cabins: 2


Jeanneau Leader 40



The Jeanneau Leader 40 offers luxury in the details of the stunning interior. It is balanced indoors and offers a great living space. It has also been designed by naval architects which means that it incorporates high performance and great design elements. 

Boat Specifications: 

Length overall: 40'5"
Hull length: 36'0"
Hull beam: 12'5"
Cabins: 2

Merry Fisher 1095



The new Merry Fisher 1095 takes full advantage of the new world of outboard engines.  Previously, cruising with outboard engines on boats of over 10 meters (34 ft.) seemed impossible, until now.  This new combination favors ease of use while guaranteeing exceptional performance for a very promising future.  The Merry Fisher 1095 will be the flagship of the line, with a hull specifically designed for this type of propulsion.

Boat Specifications:

Length overall: 34’5”
Hull length: 32’7”
Hull beam: 10’11”


Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895



This boat is made for weekend fun on the water. Its bright interior is thanks to the wide windows at the helm station and is made for comfort. Its cockpit has a L-shaped saloon with reclining chairs and also cup holders which adds to the appeal. It also offers a good amount of storage making it ideal for the family. 

Boat Specifications: 

Length overall: 29'2"
Hull length: 26'2"
Cabins: 2


Merry Fisher 695



This boat offers a beautiful design with the large sliding glass doors and an inviting cockpit. The cabin can happily accommodate four people. It has a well planned out layout throughout the model making it a very successful addition to the range. 

Boat Specifications: 

Length overall: 21'5"
Hull length: 21'1"
Hull beam: 8'3"

Merry Fisher 695 Marlin



The Merry Fisher 695 Marlin features all the essential elements of the line, including an adventurous look, side door access to a recessed sidedeck and a spacious aft cockpit. Fishermen will appreciate her many sporting attributes. Paired with an outboard engine, the traditional V-shaped hull is fast and stable under any conditions, with excellent seafaring qualities.

Boat specifications:

Length overall: 21’11”
Hull length: 21’1”
Hull beam: 8’3”


Merry Fisher 605



This boat is ideal for family or fishing fun. It has elongated lines and offers beautiful natural light in the salon area. The glass gives you a 360 view of the ocean’s horizon with an impressively comfortable interior with 3 to 4 berths.

Boat Specifications: 

Length overall: 18'11"
Hull length: 18'0"
Hull beam: 8'0"
Berths: 3 to 4


Jeanneau CC 7.5 WA



This boat continues to develop the Cap Camarat range with a beautiful design. It has an exquisite hull designed by M. Peters. It also features an American-style console. This boat offers owners a great layout with easy movement. It is sporty and elegant, a winning combination. 

Boat Specifications: 

Length overall: 24'2"
Hull length: 22'10"
Hull beam: 8'3"

Jeanneau CC6.5 WA Series 3



This is the newest boat to join the CC range for 2019. It has many new features that make it an impressive vessel! It’s hull and deck design was inspired by the Cap Camarat 9.0 WA. It can convert to match your needs with the seating area transforming into a sunpad. The wider recessed front sunpad also allows for more comfort as well as better security. 

Boat Specifications: 

Length overall: 20’8”
Beam overall: 8’1”
Hull length: 19’08”


Bavaria C57



This beautiful vessel was crafted with elegance and style. It's setting new trends with a long waterline to give you high basic speeds. You also get to experience the new Bavaria VacuTec Technology onboard. This sail yacht has a light and very stable hull.

Boat Specifications: 

Length overall: 54'9"
Beam overall: 17'3"
Cabins / bathrooms: 3 - 3
Berths: 6 / 8 / 10 / 12


Bavaria C45



The Bavaria C45 was designed with the feeling of home on the water. This incredible sailboat has a large platform for relaxation along with an impressively sized cockpit. This boat comes in three versions to make sure it fits your needs: Holiday, Style, or Ambition. It’s also the only yacht in its class that has a five-cabin version!

Boat Specifications:

Length overall: 45'9"
Beam overall: 14'8"
Draft: 7'2"
No. of Cabins: 4 - 5


Bavaria Vision 42



This boat offers a first class sailing experience with an amazing exterior and interior design. The flexibility of this boat makes it very appealing. The cockpit table has been fitted with a handle that enables it to become a sleeping surface. There is also space to relax behind the two helms to make it a brilliant time on the water. 

Boat Specifications: 

Length overall: 42'
Beam overall: 13' 3''
Cabins / bathrooms: 2 / 1
Berths: 4


Glastron Range



Glastron has a rich legacy of design. To honor its history a new concept was born. They’re not just boats, it’s a tribute to 60+ years of boat building. Past designs were well recognized for their style, performance, and attention to detail. Just as Randy Vance, editor of Boating Life stated “Glastrons were the Ferrari of boats. If you were driving one of these you had everyone’s attention.”

Thanks again for joining us this year at the Southampton Boat Show and we look forward to all the innovation and new boats that we will get to experience in the next year. 

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