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Jeanneau - Interatlantic Sailing

Monday, 05 November 2018
Jeanneau - Interatlantic Sailing


One of our favourite name in boats will be at the starting line of the 2nd Rallye des Iles du Soleil. This is the second event of its kind and will start on the 10th November. Jeanneau is one of the partners for this transatlantic race. The race takes place between La Palma, which is in the Canary Islands, and Marie-Galante in Guadeloupe. The boats in this race will also stop over in Mindelo which is in Cape Verde. 



Jeanneau will have two of their stunning sailboats at the starting line of the event as they get ready to make their way through the race. The two boats that will be competing are the Sun Odyssey 43 DS, Jack No, and a Sun Fast 3200 called Famous Blue Raincoat. The crew are already on their way to the starting line for this very exciting adventure. La Palma is the northernmost Canary Island and it has also been declared a World Biosphere reserve as well as a Starlight Reserve. This area has a nickname, “La Isla Bonita” which means the Pretty Island so the teams are definitely in for a treat at this location. 



The next stop is Mindelo which is known as the cultural capital of Cape Verde. This area has a natural harbour that was formed due to the underwater crater of a volcano. This volcano has an estimated 4 km diameter. It has a deep-water port, the Grand Harbour which is the transatlantic port of call for ships from all over the world. They will be finished the race in Marie-Galante which is located 30 km off the southeastern coast of Guadeloupe. This destination also has a nickname which is, “the big pancake”. It is called this because it has a round shape and is the third largest island in the French Antilles. Another fun fact about the area is that it is the origin of sugar cane and rum. 



As for the boats that will be competing from Jeanneau, they have some amazing characteristics that make them great competitors in the race. The Sun Odyssey 43 DS was created due to the success of the concept of the Sun Odyssey 40 DS. This original boat pushed Jeanneau to further their line of “Deck Saloon” with this model. It has been designed by Daniel Andrieu and it definitely a boat to check out. 



Boat Specifications:

Length overall - 13.21 m / 43'4"
Hull length - 12.84 m / 42'1"
Standard keel draught - 1.6 m / 5'2"
Weight - 9300 kg / 20503 Lbs
Fuel capacity - 200 l / 53 US gal
Water capacity - 550 l / 145 US gal
Available Engines - 55 Kw



This is a boat built to win. The Sun Fast 3200 is another boat design from Daniel Andrieu. It offers effortless speed and also is equipped with the latest in technology. The technology of the boat makes sure that the boat is built for optimal performance when cruising and racing with its strength-to-weight ratios. Not only is it great to take it up to high speeds, but you can also relax on it too. It has a galley, chart table, two double cabins and a head compartment. 



Boat Specifications:

Length overall - 10.1 m / 33'1"
Hull length - 9.78 m / 32'1"
Hull beam - 3.48 m / 11'5"
Light displacement - 3400 kg / 7496 Lbs
Standard keel draught - 1.9 m / 6'2"
Fuel capacity - 75 l / 20 US gal
Water capacity - 80 l / 21 US gal
Cabins - 2
Available Engines - Yanmar 15 HP / 11 Kw



Keep an eye on the race on social media to see how Jeanneau performs at this second annual event. 


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