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4 Easy Steps to Clean Your Teak Deck

Tuesday, 30 May 2017
4 Easy Steps to Clean Your Teak Deck

Keeping your Teak deck clean


What you will need:
Soft brush 
Teak cleaner (we use Starbrite Premium Teak Cleaner)
Water (preferably from a hose)
20 minutes of your time

Why you need to clean your Teak Decks?

Although the wood that is used on a deck may only be 3mm deep, if you always take good care of your teak, the deck may last you 20 years or more, or for the duration you possess the boat!  Decks on a boat are always a benefit and many modern decks are a way for manufacturers to class-up their product and they generally give the boat a more luxury finish.  It is essential for any boater to take good care of their decks, otherwise you may get stains or other long lasting marks that you will not be able to remove.  The longer marks and dirt are left to sit and absorb into the wood, the harder it will be to lift them off.



Having been in the boating business for nearly 30 years, we have come across a fair few disasters, both in neglect of a deck and poorly cared-for decks.  We want to make sure that you are prepared and take the necessary preparation so that your decks can be easily cleaned, but also ensure that you are able to regularly clean them to keep them in tip-top shape.


Step 1: Teak Cleaner

Pour out the Teak Cleaner of your choice; we suggest and vouch for ‘Premium Teak Cleaner’ from Starbrite.  Our boat valeting team use this product on a weekly basis and it works wonders on our boats.  If you need a supply, come and visit our in store chandlery in Lincoln or Ipswich to view our full range of products including other Starbrite products.


Step 2: Scrubbing

You should begin the process by coating your brush in Teak Cleaner and start scrubbing away on the deck.  Be sure to not put too much pressure on the teak as this may damage the wood in the longer-term.  When scrubbing, ensure you go with the grain, due to the thickness of the wood, the edges can start to feather and lift if you scrub against the grain too hard, so please be careful.

After you’ve covered all the decking with the teak cleaner, leave it for a couple of minutes to work its magic.


Step 3: Wash

After a couple of minutes, simply wash off the teak cleaner with a hosepipe or a bucket of water. Ensure you rinse off all of the remainder product from the wood – leaving it on to dry may do more harm than good!


Step 4: Relax

Once dry, you will be able to sit back and relax knowing that your decking has been refurbished, ensuring that it will last longer and look fantastic!

Our top tips

Use a soft brush
Gently wash your teak deck once a week
Tackle tough stains with oxalic solution (do not just keep scrubbing)

Leave decks to get dirty for too long
Sand your decks
Scrub with a hard bristled brush

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